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Ibble Requires a 🤯 Emoji! ❤️ I LOVE this app, y’all! It is so exciting to be able to chat with like minded-people on topics that I am passionate about. Traveling, Sports, FOOD, entertainment, events…
Ibble is one of the best apps I’ve found for staying on top of the news and keeping informed! Ibble has become a huge part of how I stay and informed and I would definitely recommend trying it out!
I love hearing people talk about real things that are happening! I like being able to catch up on so many genres and be immersed in what’s happening on a social, economic and world level.
Mandie Murph
This app is great for news, entertainment and much more! They have all these topics that you can easily filter from so you can find the interests you like and find content creators posting the same interests.
ibble is so interactive and has me engaging on so many different subjects. I love not only being able to hear what other people say but also being able to spark, add my own take, AND talk directly to the creators. So frickin cool.
The conversation app! This app is so much fun to use. I love how short video and audio is different from other platforms and you are able to easily communicate and sort of have conversations with people all over the world.
Gym Class Finance
An app with a mission — finally! I love that ibble allows me to be intentional about the content I consume. Before this app, I always felt like I’d wasted precious time after scrolling on Instagram or Facebook.
This is the future of social media, excellent interface and revolutionary concepts!!! The video playback is next level, they've done some amazing stuff just from a technical and design standpoint.
Mind of Mark

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