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ibble is the place for building community, meeting new people, and having real, unfiltered conversations that are more than mindless scrolling. You need to see it for yourself.

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How it works

Swipe up or swipe left

We wanted to make navigation as easy as possible. The choice is yours - swipe up to discover new topics, or swipe left to dig in further and hear what other people saying.

Reply when you're ready

You can respond with video, audio, text, or photos. Nothing is live, and no filters are needed. It’s that easy to join conversations, share your thoughts, and gain a new perspective.

Spark the Conversation

Did you hear something that inspired you, or do you want to take a thread in a new direction? Spark allows you to start a new thread that references the original creator.

Find a community or create your own

On ibble, there’s a community and channel for everyone. Find your new crew or connect with old friends on topics that matter to you. Didn’t find what you were looking for? In seconds, you can create your new public or invite-only private community. Want to create a paid subscription community? We got that too!

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You belong here

We’re on a mission to reinvent social media. Gone are the days of obsessing over likes, comments, and filters. Most interaction on social media is one-way; on ibble, get ready to experience a new style of two-way communication to make you feel seen and heard, even on topics that are hard to have anywhere else.

See For Yourself

The best Q+A platform, period.

The digital after party for any occasion. Shows, Events, Podcasts, Book Clubs, Conferences, and AMA sessions are better on ibble. Get closer with fans and creators by digging deeper into what interests you. Ask a question via our Q+A feature to be seen and heard by the creator!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any restriction on content?

We have three rules at ibble:
- No violence
- No bullying
- Keep any sexual discussions in private channels

What's the difference between Public and Private Monteized Communities?

- In Public Monetized Communities, members gain access and are billed once they subscribe.
- In Private Monetized Communities, members must be approved by the admin before they are billed and allowed in the community.

Can I have multiple Communities?

- Sure, don’t abuse it.
- Many people create Free communities and use links to drive traffic to their paid community.

How much can I charge for my community, and how much does ibble take?

- You can charge your subscribers anything between $1 and $50 per month, but most seem to like $10-20 per month.
- 52% goes to the creator, 48% goes to ibble. 
- Apple and Google currently charge ibble 30% to process payments, then taxes on top of that so our margins are pretty low. We are working to reduce them.

Do I need to be live on ibble?

- Nope, think of this like a multimedia version of a web forum, you create threads or respond whenever you want.
- Some threads unfold over days, weeks, or months. It allows content to have a longer life.

Does ibble work with Brands, Partners, and Sponsors?

-Yes! ibble loves working with Brands and Partners! If you are a larger Brand and want to partner with our influencers reach out to

Do you have a longer walk-through video?

- For sure, we got you - check this out
- Contact us at if you have more questions

What people are saying

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Ibble Requires a 🤯 Emoji! ❤️ I LOVE this app, y’all! It is so exciting to be able to chat with like minded-people on topics that I am passionate about. Traveling, Sports, FOOD, entertainment, events…
Ibble is one of the best apps I’ve found for staying on top of the news and keeping informed! Ibble has become a huge part of how I stay and informed and I would definitely recommend trying it out!
ibble is so interactive and has me engaging on so many different subjects. I love not only being able to hear what other people say but also being able to spark, add my own take, AND talk directly to the creators. So frickin cool.
The conversation app! This app is so much fun to use. I love how short video and audio is different from other platforms and you are able to easily communicate and sort of have conversations with people all over the world.
Gym Class Finance
An app with a mission — finally! I love that ibble allows me to be intentional about the content I consume. Before this app, I always felt like I’d wasted precious time after scrolling on Instagram or Facebook.
This is the future of social media, excellent interface and revolutionary concepts!!! The video playback is next level, they've done some amazing stuff just from a technical and design standpoint.
Mind of Mark

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