Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ibble, and where are you located?

- ibble is a social media app focused on community and conversations built with love in downtown Austin, Texas.
- We strive to build deeper human connections through face-to-face or voice-to-voice conversations.

How do I navigate the app?

- Swipe up to find new conversations. 
- Swipe right to dive deeper into a conversation. 
- If a thread is longer, you can hold onto the yellow timeline to "scrub" through the video.
- If you find the creator you love, click on the blue "+" near their name to start following them.
- Most content is posted within a community, click on the community name from the blue button to see other content within his community.
- Use the explore tab to see today's top communities, threads, people, and hashtags. You can also search for whatever you want.
- Use the activity tab to see what's new from the people you follow or recent activity in your existing threads.
- Use the profile page to update what you want to tell others about yourself.

Do you have a walk through video?

For sure, we got you - check this out.

Is there any restriction on content?

We have three rules at ibble:
- No violence
- No bullying
- Keep any sexual discussions in private channels

Do I need to be live on ibble?

- Nope, think of this like a multimedia version of a web forum, you create threads or respond whenever you want.
- Some threads unfold over days, weeks, or months. It allows content to have a longer life.

Do you have filters on ibble?

Nope, we want to make it easier for you to join or start a conversation.

How do I create a new thread on ibble?

- Click on the "+" at the center of the screen near the bottom.
- On ibble, you can create with Video, Audio, Text, or Images.
- After you record your content, you can choose to put a description, tag people, add hashtags, add it to a community, pick a cover image, and add any link you want.

When creating, how long can each video or audio post be?

- Each post can be up to 1 minute.
- If you're a verified creator, you can get access for longer times.

What can I use a thread for?

Conversations, vlogging, Q&A, fan discussions, posting podcasts broken up in chapters, etc. Basically the possibliies are limitless, we wanted to make it easy for creative people to create how and when they want.

How many people can join a thread?

We haven’t found a limit yet, as many as you want.

How can you Reply to someone's thread?

- In the upper right corner, click on Reply. 
- Most users choose to allow Anyone to Reply, but in some cases, the creator may not want to crowd their conversation, so they have only enabled Q&A or Sparks.

What is a Spark, and how is it different from Reply?

- Spark is a way to spin off a conversation and make it your own. When you use the Spark button, your new conversation will link back to the original post so your audience can see where the idea spun off from, like a retweet.
- Reply is a way to join someone else's conversation.

How do I tag a user?

-From the comments section, or description of a thread you can use the @username to tag them.
- After tagging a user they will get notified.

How do I share a Post, Thread, Community, Profile, or Hashtag?

- You can share anything on ibble directly by using the Share button.
- If the user has the app installed it will open that direct area you are sharing.
- If the user does not have the app installed it will ask them to install it, and then bring them to the area you are sharing.

How do I get verified on ibble? What do I get?

- If you have over 100k followers on some form of social media, reach out to, and we will get you verified.
- Verified users can create longer threads (up to 20 minutes), access create Q&A threads, a badge, access to additional analytics, early access to features, and promotional opportunities on the platform.

Does ibble work with Brands, Partners, and Sponsors?

- Yes! ibble loves working with Brands and Partners! If you are a larger Brand and want to partner with our influencers reach out to
- If you own a monetized community, you can add a sponsor to a pinned post, or include them in channel graphics. Free communities can not be sponsored.

What is the top 3 leaderboard?

- It is a way to recognize and easily view the best Communities, People, Threads, and Hashtags of each day.
- If your content gets on the Top 3 each day,  you will get a special badge on your post. 
- You can view todays and all previous days Top 3 from the Explore tab, on the upper right of the screen.

How do I get featured on ibble?

-Share your content with your friends and fans, with enough views or likes it will surface on the trending algorithm or make it on the top 3 leaderboard.
- If you are a verified creator you can ask us to promote your content by emailing

Do you have DMs?

Yup, you can directly message anyone on the platform.

What determines which content shows up on the home feed?

It’s mostly based on who you follow, what topics you care about, what communities you are part of.

How can I create a Q&A thread, and how does it work?

- If you're a verified user, you can create Q&A threads.
- After recording some content, you can turn on the Q&A feature on the preview page.Only invited members can now create in the thread, but anyone can ask a question.
- Fans can choose to upvote and downvote their favorite questions making your life easier deciding what to answer.
- If you want to answer a question, view it from the pending tab, and click Answer. Their question and your response will then be placed into the thread.

How do I create my own community on ibble?

-From the Explore tab, click "Create a Community."
- You can choose to make it Public or Private.

Can I have multiple Communities?

- Sure, don't abuse it.
- Many people create Free communities and use links to drive traffic to their paid communities.

What's the difference between Public and Private Communities?

- In Public Communities, members gain access immediately.
- In Private Communities, members gain access only after you approve them.

Can I build a paid subscription community on ibble?

Of course, we build the best subscription communities, period - read more here.

What's the difference between Public and Private Monteized Communities?

- In Public Monetized Communities, members gain access and are billed once they subscribe.
- In Private Monetized Communities, members must be approved by the admin before they are billed and allowed in the community.

Can I limit who can respond to my thread?

Yes, after you record your video, audio, text, or image on the preview page, you can click on "Replies" to change the default from Anyone, to Only Me, or Invited People.

How do I invite people to my thread?

- Every thread is Public by default, so an easy way is to tag your friends using @username in the description, so they are notified. 
- If you only want your friends to respond, at the preview page you can change the default in "Replies" setting.

How do I report inappropriate content?

Click the three-dot menu at the top right corner of a post to let us know why it should be removed from ibble.

How do I delete a post I made or a whole thread?

- If you accidentally created a post, click on the three-dot menu at the top right corner of a Post to delete it.
- If you're the thread's creator, click on the three-dot menu at the top right corner of a post to delete it. Once you delete your first post and the whole thread will go away.

If I'm a community owner, can I remove someone's thread from my community?

Yes, click the three-dot menu at the top right corner of someone's post to remove it from your community.

How do I block someone?

Go to their profile, click on the three-dot menu on the upper right, and then click “Block User”

How much can I charge for my community, and how much does ibble take?

- You can charge your subscribers anything between $1 and $50 per month, but most seem to like $10-20 per month.
- 52% goes to the creator, 48% goes to ibble. 
- Apple and Google currently charge ibble 30% to process payments, then taxes on top of that so our margins are pretty low. We are working to reduce them.

How much can I charge for my community?

- Anything between $1 and $50 per month per user, but most people seem to like $10-20 per month per user.