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What is ibble?

ibble is a video and audio based conversations app. It's like creating shared stories that you, your friends, and your fans can join. We call those threads!

Why should I use this app?

Ibble is all about encouraging everyone to engage and create meaningful discussions. Unlike traditional social media platforms where creators are in broadcast mode, ibble offers intimate conversations, robust q&a, and unique ways to Spark new threads. Ibble makes conversations fun like never before.

How do I navigate the app?

Swipe right to dive deeper into a conversation or swipe up to move on. Press the plus button at the end of a public thread to jump into the conversation. Press the spark button to create your own thread based on an existing conversation. Use the explore tab to discover new users and content. Use the activity tab to see what’s new from the people you follow or to see new activity in your existing threads.

What is a spark and why should I use it?

Think of a Spark as a fork in the conversation. For example, if something in a thread seems interesting to you, hit the spark button to start a new conversation based on that post! Sparking allows you to create a new thread that refers back to the original post, like a retweet.

How do I invite people to my thread?

Click “invite members” when you’re creating a new thread.

How do I remove inappropriate content from my threads?

Click the three dot menu at the top right corner of a post to report it.